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future of VIPA / Business Plan

There are three possible scenarios:

These scenarios were sent - together with a questionnaire - to our university partners who then evaluated the scenarios´ implications using to the following criteria:

In addition, the scenarios were checked for possible follow-up potentials.
The results of this poll were integrated into a matrix that compares the different aspects of the scenarios.

It is remarkable that the partners principally seem to agree in their appreciation of the scenarios: the assessment of potential problems, chances and above all the time frame that is necessary to implement the scenarios.

On this basis, we propose to our university partners the strategic orientiation of VIPA to be as follows:

Scenario 1 (VIPA as a university-to-university e-learning solution)
seems for a variety of reasons to be the one that:

The decision for scenario 1, with a consistently estimated preparation time of one year, does not preclude a future implementation of scenario 2 or 3 (or a combination thereof), whose preparation times are 2 years or more.

In order to realise scenario 1, some infrastructure investments as well as institutional und formal implementations are neccessary which cannot be accommodated in the current life circle of the project because of lack of time and resources.

If, therefore, an expansion of the scope of VIPA on the basis of scenario 1 is desired, it should be done preliminary and in the framework of a follow-up project.

This could be implemented as follows:

The programs presented in the questionnaire are evaluated quite optimistically by the partners and are (in the short term) in the fields of: