Innovation and added value
Didactical and pedagogical approaches

One part of the project is the evaluation of already existing and used pedagogical / didactical concepts of e-learning und blended learning in the field of didactics in education for architecture.

The development of 3-D courseware for architecture belongs to basic research. In this area there no references about pedagogical implications. VIPA will analyse the adaptability of existing e-learning concepts in the area of 3-d/Virtual Reality and following this the applicability within analogue education and training institutions. Within the life of the project the integration and exploitation of industrial know-how from the area of interactive 3-D authoring is planned... VIPA will start a definition of ICT based methods for the support and strengthening of architectural design skills in the areas mentioned. The implementation of these methods has a great pedagogical value. The integration of ICT as a tool for teaching makes ICT to an object of teaching as well.

Objectives defined in the area of eLearning

The universities in the VIPA consortium have recognized that the use of ICT will provide a wide range of new possibilities, however they do not have sufficient know-how in the field (didactical models using ICT and technological skills).

The other partners have experience in this field with different focus areas (e-didactics, technical competence, etc.). With this partner structure and VIPA project objectives we see an ideal combination of competences and interests to create the preconditions for a sustainable development in the focus areas for:

With VIPA functionalities and activities for the sustainable use of ICT tools will be evaluated, developed and implemented in the following areas: