Target Groups

The master’s curriculum is designed to attract not only the conventional architectural graduate but also graduates of related academic / creative disciplines such as 3d game design, architectural visualisation, experimental cognitive psychology and computational architectural engineering. The structure can accommodate a range of different routes which allow for customisation by universities and students’ choice. The following list describes 8 anticipated target groups:

VR Digital Artist

Understanding the theory and techniques behind new media approaches to fine art practice

VR Designer

Designing virtual worlds for studies of perception and human behaviour in space

3D Architectural Visualisation Specialist

Modelling 3d architectural objects for client presentations and public relations as part of a team of architects or as an independent consultant.

Computational Engineering Designer

Developing algorithms for exploring parametric / generative models of form in architecture and civil engineering

Computer Aided Architectural Design Specialist

Advanced use of commercial modellers for design, simulation and visualisation

Computational Architectural Design

Developing advanced architectural algorithms for generative models of building configurations at both a conceptual and detail level.

Urban Designer

Using computational geography and planning models to develop design approaches to the development and analysis of master plans and urban interventions

Game Designer

Level design, narratives, virtual space design