Module 1

Module title: Theories of Space, Architecture and Urban Systems I

Credits: 6

Main aims of the module: the study through texts of the implications to architectural design in the use of computation.

Main topics of study: the module introduces the student to theories of space that are of relevance for both architectural designer as well as the virtual space designer. In its centre are theories of architectural space, spatial perception, and social implication of the organisation of space, spatial navigation, spatial mapping and way-finding.

Survey of texts on architecture from Vitruvius to Manuel deLanda

Covers the development of the “scientific management” movement, operational research, computer based approaches, design as problem solving, design as search, the status of the human designer

Theoretical models developed by mathematicians and philosophers to describe “space”.

Learning Outcomes: the module will provide the student with knowledge on theories of space and navigation of 3D space. It will assist students to contextualise the project based work. Skills: research, presentation…

Assessments instruments: 2000 word essay, multimedia presentation