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Master in Digital Design (M.Sc.Eng) is opening a new interdisciplinary platform where architecture, design, culture, art, and communication is the basis. The specialisation programme in Digital Design aims at job functions within public authorities, design, game and film industries, consulting architect and engineering firms, product development divisions in the industry, and structural and functional information architect firms that work with interactive and virtual worlds.

The Digital Design graduate title is designated: M.Sc.Eng in Digital Design. If the graduate specialises in games, the title is "Game Concept, Design, and Art."

The Digital Design curriculum lays emphasizes on the design of interactive hybrid products, 4D worlds and digital choreography for the new, increasingly prevalent media and environments. It is cross-disciplinary, including 3D modelling, Virtual Reality, simulation and animation. Digital design is directed towards a rapidly growing information, game, film, and media industry, as well as towards the traditional workplace within construction and design. We work from a core concept of “integrated design” based on project-organized problem based learning (PBL). This implies a combination of creative and analytical skills, aesthetic confidence, and technical competence. The program aims to empower students to transform different environments, aesthetics, functions and narratives into expressive, astonishing hybrid worlds. Design must be aesthetic and functional, but it must also be able to narrate and interpret. This means integrating creativity, innovation, analytical and technical skills and knowledge, aesth etic certainty, and technical competence.

Students learn to control the latest digital tools, developing digital products and VR worlds through these technologies throughout the entire process. The programmes will comprise 120 ECTS including courses, project work and workshops. The 7st semester starts with a course in problem based learning and project work. This is to be followed up by a large group project with the theme Worlds of Experience. 8th semester comprises two projects: Transformation of 4D Worlds and the mini project The Edge. The 9th semester includes a mini project within the theme Creativity and Innovation Management and a large group project Story Telling. Courses related to the projects will comprise 1/3 of the time. In the 7st and the 8th semester, you will participate in workshops and study tours. The 10th semester is reserved for writing “your” master thesis.

Key person:
Michael Mullins

University of Aalborg, Aalborg (DK)

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